Logo Deco Systems

Deco Systems is a service-driven painting and renovations company in Cape Town. We always strive towards excellence and the highest level of service. We aim to become the DIY partner of every proud commercial or private property owner. Our clients can expect an obligation-free investment of our time in accessing their premises to discuss possible solutions.


Commercial and Residential Painting

We will give colour to almost any surface. No project is too big or too small for us.

  • Commercial Property – Offices, Warehouses, Factories
  • Residential Property – Houses, Cottages, Apartments

Because of our extensive experience, Deco Systems will advise the client on any restoration, renovation, reparations, refitting or revamping that is necessary.
Walking the extra mile is what we do!

Roof Cleaning & Painting

High pressure cleaning of roofs with Anti-Fungal treatment.

Painting of all roofs.

Rope Access

Rope Access will be used where scaffolding will not reach.


Deco Systems is a registered asbestos contractor. We are certified in the removal and installation of asbestos in buildings.


Effective waterproofing is crucial before any paint project can start. Deco Systems will therefore inspect the problem, discuss the solutions with the owner/manager and then solve it. This process will protect the owner from losses due to water ingress.

  • Specialised systems to tackle any leakage. We can seal any leak. You show it and we will fix it.
Pre-decorative Repair

Deco Systems will make sure that every surface/structure/building/property is well prepared to receive the necessary treatment before painting starts.

Structural Repairs

Deco Systems will examine and repair any structural problem that might have an effect on the renovation or painting to follow.

Joint Sealing

An extra service Deco Systems offers, is the sealing of expansion, movement, v-joints and junctions – all in the quest to give more peace of mind to the property owner.

Passive Fire Stopping

Passive Fire Stopping is an integral component of a fire prevention plan during building construction intended to help restrict the spread of fire by containing it within a room or area of the building



“I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was dealing with your company during our recent painting and renovation project.

You and your crew showed a level of professionalism and pride in your work that is unfortunately all too rare and stands in stark contrast to other contractors I recently had to deal with.

The thoroughness of surface preparation and attention to detail was especially impressive. In fact, it is the first time I encountered a contractor with standards higher than my own.

I really will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.”


~ Emile Wessels ~